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Tableting Line

(Pharma Manufacturing Lines)

Process for Tableting Line Corresponding Machinery Required
SIFTING: The Bulk Drug (Raw Material) has to be
sifted to remove any foreign particles etc.
-- Mechanical Sifter / Vibro Sifter
MIXING: The powder is then mixed with other ingredients and lubricants. -- Mass Mixer / Rapid Mixer Granulator             / Planetary Mixer
MILLING: During mixing, lumps can be formed and therefore it has to be passed through a Multi Mill for size reduction and to obtain required size of granules by using different sizes of screens. -- Multimill
DRYING: The granules obtained from Mill have to be dried to remove extra lubricants etc. -- Fluid Bed Dryer / Tray Dryer
BLENDING OF POWDER: If required the granules can again be passed through Multi Mill to break lumps which are formed during drying. If Blending is required the powder is then blended. -- Ribbon Blender
TABLET FORMATION: These granules are then used in the Tabletting Machine & with the required Dies & Punches Tablets of the required size & shape are made. -- Tablet Press Machine
COATING: The tablets are sugar or film coated. Coating Pan is used for coating, Spray Coating Machine is used for spraying the sugar solution / film coating in the pan.

-- Coating Pan & Spray Coating Machine

POLISHING: Coated tablets are polished in Polishing Pan. -- Polishing Pan
PACKING: The tablets are packed in Strips on a Strip Sealing Machine or in a Blister pack on a Blister  Packing Machine.

-- Blister Packing Machine
     / Strip Sealing Machine

Laboratory machines of all the above used in the R & D Laboratory for manufacturing sample tablets for trial batches etc.

-- R&D Multi Purpose Equipment


Other Pharma Manufacturing Lines
Tableting Line Syrup Line
Ointment Line Injectible (Ampoule and Vials)



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