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Other Products:  

(Pharma Manufacturing Lines - Tableting Line)

pm110.jpg (13430 bytes)PM 110 - Fluid Bed Dryers

It is available with following options -

Humidity control-chiller batteries to control inlet temperature and Humidity.
Heating systems by steam control to heater battery of by blending hot and cold air (Thermal fluid and   electrical heating also available)
Filter bags cleaned by automatic shaking.
Clean in place systems for washing down during product changes.
Fully sealed air control damper with positioner for accurate air monitoring.
Differential pressure gauges to monitor pressure drop across filters.
Air filtration supplied with HEPA FILTERS.
Spraying attachment for coating of granules agitating facility (Manual & Automatic )
On line sampling facility.
GMP & standard model, laboratory fluid bed dryers for R&D are also available in the 4 capacities (2.5kgs,   5kgs, 10kgs, 15kgs )
Capacity of Drier in kgs at 0.6 kg/lt bulk density 30 60 120 150 200 250 300 500
Working capacity of product container in litres 50 100 220 275 335 435 500 850
Total volume of product container in litres 100 200 440 550 670 870 1000 1700
Blower motor KW 3.7 7.5 11 15 15 18.5 18.5 37.5


Tray Dryer

Tray dryers are used for drying by the conventional process.

A double walled cabinet with 1 or 2 doors with insulation of high density fibre glass wool to avoid heat transfer.  Doors are provided with gaskets. Stainless steel plates are placed on movable trolleys. Dynamically balanced axial flow type blower fans are provided for uniform air circulation in the drying chamber. Machine is provided with control panel board with process timer, digital temperature controller cum indicator.

Features :
Available in standard and GMP models with contact parts in SS 304 or 316.
Cap. 6, 12, 24, 48, 96 and 192 trays.
Electric / steam / thermic fluid heating.
Air filter at inlet can be provided.




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