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Syrup Line

(Pharma Manufacturing Lines)

Process for Syrup Line Corresponding Machinery Required
If water is hard or contains ions / minerals it has to be passed through a DM plant to soften it for use in syrups / liquids. -- Water De-Mineralising Plant
Demineralised water and the ingredients of the syrup / liquid are mixed / homogenised in this vessel. -- Syrup Manufacturing Vessel
The homogenised liquid is passed under pressure through the filter press to remove undissolved matter . -- Filter Press
The filtered liquid is stored in tank to be transferred to the float tank / filling machine. -- Storage Tank
Bottles are washed before being conveyed to the turn table / loading platform and onto the filling machine. -- Rotary Bottle Washing Machine
    Linear Bottle Washing Machine
The bottles after being washed are adjusted so as to give continuous feed to the filling machine. -- Turn Table with Loading Platform
This will hold the liquid and feed the filling machines as required.

-- Float Tank

Bottles are filled as per quantity set and the no. of heads on the machine. -- Bottle Filling Machines
The bottles, will be fed by the conveyor to the capping machine. Here the bottle will be capped and sealed (ROPP / Screw On Cap)

-- Capping Machines

Here the bottles are visually inspected and removed manually if any faults are noticed. -- Inspection Table / Conveyor
The bottles are gummed and labeled as required. -- Gumming & Labeling Machine
The bottles move on to the packing Conveyor and are then visually inspected and packed as per product requirements. -- Packing Conveyor
Folds the instruction leaflet for insertion with the bottle in the carton -- Leaflet Folding Machines
For packing bottles into cartons for transport. -- Carton Packing Machines


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