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(Plant Capacity: 1 MT - 5 MT )


A] Sesame Seed Cleaning Section - (Pre cleaning) - Capacity : 1 MT to 5 MT:
This section is designed to clean raw sesame seeds by removing impurities which can be next processed for De-hulling or Packing as required.


  • RAW INTAKE HOPPER: The sesame seeds are fed into the hopper (which is at ground level)
  • ROUND SIEVER: With the help of Bucket elevator, the seeds are passed through Round Siever in order to separate sand, dust and heavy impurities from raw seed.
  • SEPARATOR WITH CLASSIFIER: The processed seeds are further passed through the Separator to remove light impurities.
  • SEED GRADER: Thereafter ,the seeds are separated in a two deck grader in three different grades
  • DE-STONER: This graded seeds are passed through the De-stoner in order to separate them from heavier impurities such as stones, wood, metal, etc
  • GRAVITY SEPARATOR: In order to grade further, the seeds
    are passed through the Gravity Separator.

  • CLEANED SEED STORAGE BIN: The graded clean seeds are stored in the bin which is then processed either for De-Hulling or Packing.
  • The seeds to be de-hulled are transferred by the bucket elevator to the De-hulling Section.
  • If processed for Packing - the cleaned seeds are taken to the packing section for filling in PP /Paper sacks of 25/50 kg.

The Complete Plant can be supplied with required conveyors & elevators of suitable design & construction.




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