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In this process no chemical is used. Purified Water passed through a Reverse Osmosis system (RO) is used.

This process de - hulls more than 98% seeds, less than 2% of unpeeled seed will be graded out on passing
through the Sorter. [These can be used for Oil extraction]

B] Sesame Seed De-hulling Section - (Dry Process):

The section is designed for Dry De-Hulling of Cleaned Sesame Seed.

De-Hulling process means the thin shell or husk over sesame seed is removed. This hull contains a great deal
of oxalic acid and indigestive fibre . Oxalic Acid can reduce biological utilization ratio of Calcium in food & influences
taste. After dehulling process, the percentage of oxalic acid reduces resulting improvisation of protein digestibility.

Hence the de-hulling process enlarges application of sesame and adds value in the confectionary and baking industry.


  • HULLER: The cleaned seeds are sprayed with water and then passed through the different sets of Roller which remove the husk and polishes the seed.
  • SIFTER CLASSIFIER: The husks are separated from the seeds by aspirator and are collected in bags(further used in animal feeds, etc.)
  • DRYER: The De-Hulled & polished seeds are passed through a Dryer which removes the moisture from seeds using Hot Air Generator and compressor. The fuel used for this can be gas/wood /diesel.

  • This process then followed with POST CLEANING SECTION where the De-Hulled seeds need to be cleaned again. For that, the seeds are then moved through different segments passed through Fine Screen Separator with Classifier in order to remove remaining husk and light impurities/seeds and grades the seeds into three grades and then passed through De-stoner to remove remaining impurities.
  • FERROUS & NON FERROUS METAL SEPARATOR (MAGNETIC): The processed seeds are passed through this equipment to remove any metal impurities that may have remained.
  • The De-Hulled Cleaned Seeds obtained can now be Packed in bags or sent to the Sorter for further Grading & Processing.

The process De Hulls more than 98% seeds. The balance 2% can be used for Oil extraction. In addition the Husk is also available for use as Animal feed.

If further value addition is required then the seeds are sorted in a Sorter to give 99.95% Cleaned De- hulled, Colour Sorted Sesame Seeds.




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