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Laboratory Glass Ware & Plastic Ware



LG 101 - Bottles B.O.D. with interchangeable stopper

Sizes : 125 ml, 300ml.


LG 110 - Beakers (Polypropylene)

Sturdy rigid beakers made up of Polypropylene.
Accentuated pouring lip reduces the dripping of liquids.
The beakers are translucent, chemical & corrosive proof, resist temperature up to 120 C.
The solution stocks but doesn't stick due to tapered walls.
Range : 25, 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000 and 2000 ml.

Beakers (Polycarbonate)LG 120 - Beakers (Polycarbonate)

Beakers moulded of polycarbonate are transparent, heat-temp resistant, excellent acid, base proof.
Range : 100 ml, 250ml, 500 ml, 1000ml & 2000 ml.

LG 130 - Wash Bottles (Polythlene)

Superbly delivers single drops as well as needle sharp steam, aimed where required.
A beautiful nozzle, Polythene cap and delivery tube, which makes leak-proof dispensing convenient.
By cutting back dispenser tip, heavier flow is easily possible.
Screw caps do not allow leak or loose of bottle when squeezed.
Sizes : 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000 ml.

Teflon Items (PTFE)LG 136 - Teflon Items (PTFE)

Shatter Proof.
Inactive nature towards hazardous liquids.
Resistant from hot water to corrosive solutions.
Any strong solution can not create pores on the wall.
It can be used at any temperature varying from - 270C to +250C.
TEFLON items supplied by us are as follows :-
  Teflon beakers with spout, Centrifugal tubes (rounded and conical bottom), Coated magnetic needle with   centre ring (Roaters), cone  with caps (Stuffing box), Teflon bottles etc.

Automatic Zero BuretteLG 140 - Automatic Zero Burette

Allows even drop by drop dispensing of liquids.
Ideal for use when repeated and acute disposing is required .
The zero burette is mounted on polyethylene reservoir.
The miniscus eliminated as the zero gets automatically adjusted by light
 pressure or tension on   polyethylene flask or rubber below.
Increases the litration accuracy.
The graduation is clear, permanent and accurate.


LG 142 - Wide mouth

Bottles with broad mouth and leak-proof caps are easy to fill. Useful for storing liquids, solids and other   chemicals.

Narrow mouthLG 146 - Narrow mouth

Unbreakable light-weight, handy & sturdy, very useful for carrying corrosive & non-corrosive solutions and   other laboratory reagents.
Provided with a screw cap and inner-lid which makes the bottle leak- proof when properly tightened.

Dropping BottleLG 150 - Dropping Bottle

Most reliable & trustworthy in the use of indicator solution.
Delivers the solution precisely in drops.
Consists of light plug in the place of spout and leak proof screw as cap.
Resistant to acids and alkalies.
Sizes :- 50ml, 100ml & 250ml.

LG 153 - Petri Dishes (Polycarbonate or Polypropylene)

These dishes are transparent, crystal clear and autoclavable up to 120C.
It's fully shock resistant, non toxic, unbreakable, stackable body Makes them more durable. Available in 4"   size.
Polypropylene dishes are translucent and also autoclavable upto 120C.
Excellent ridges prevent bases from sticking, available in various Sizes like 3", 4", 6".

Syphon (Polyethelene)LG 158 - Syphon (Polyethelene)

Disigned for automatic pumping of acids and other solutions.
It comes with a best quality leak-proof stop-cock which gives the Exact quantity required.
Problems such as spillage or burns can be easily avoided.
These syphons are fully resistant to acid, alkali, oil and cold.
Available in 3 sizes medium, big and industrial.

LG 160 - Pipette Controller (Polyethelene)

Accurate & convenient way of pipetting-extremely useful for Pipetting corrosive and poisonous liquids.
Eliminates the danger of hazardous material coming in contact  with mouth.
Comfortable to operate with single hand and easy thumb manipulation.
Filling & emptying of the pipette can be done with forward and Backward movement of the wheel.

Glass MeasuringLG 165 - Glass Measuring

Glass measuring made of polypropylene are non-breakable.
Clearly visible graduation on the outer-side of the walls enables the exact measuring of the liquids.
Resistant to acids, alkalies and other laboratory reagents.
It can resist a temperature of 120C.
It can be repeatedly used after sterilisation.

Trays (Rigid Polypropylene)LG 167 - Trays (Rigid Polypropylene)

Excellent for shallow bathing or multi purpose utility trays for Corrosive and non-corrosive in laboratory.
Thick walls and bottom, fine flanges, single mould construction.
Trays even for heavy-duty use.
These acid and alkali proof trays available in 6" x 8", 8" x 10", 10" x 12", 13" x 16", 13" x 20",
  16" x 24" x 9"etc. sizes.

Cylinders (Polypropylene)LG 170 - Cylinders (Polypropylene)

Moulded of Polypropylene in single piece has broad base for excellent stability.
It is transluncent with fine clearity & easy pouring spout with embossed graduation available in 10, 25, 50,   100, 250, 500 & 1000ml.



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