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SD 101 - Adhesive tape U.S.P.

Easy unrolling.
High Strength fabric.
Strong Adhesion.

SD 103 - Plaster of Paris Bandage B. P.

Short Immersion time achieved by using appropriate wetting agents.
Used on open mesh fabric.
Available in all widths from 5 cm to 20 cm and 2.7 to 7 Mt. length & in slabs.
Available in regular, extra fast & extra creamy varieties.



SD 105 - Cotton Crepe Bandage B. P.

Better elasticity, controlled, uniform & smooth pressure due to special weave by which it retains elasticity   longer & bandage can be used repeatedly.
Washing regains elasticity.
Available in all widths & lengths. It is available in pure cotton variety as well as in cotton & viscose rayon.

SD 107 - Cotton Stretch Bandage B. P.

Very soft elastic bandage with cut fast edges.
It is the economical version of Cotton Crepe Bandage.

SD 109 - Cotton Crepe Bandage B.P.C.

All properties are as per Cotton Crepe Bandage B.P. except that it has cut fast edges.

SD 111 - Polyamide & Cellulose Contour Bandage B. P.

Easily washable, washing regains elasticity.
Has porous structure & therefore allows free skin breathing.
Available in white or any colour.

SD 113 - Cotton Elastic Bandage

Made of Rubber thread covered by cotton yarn.
It is washable.

SD 115 - Crepe Bandage B.P. (Wool Crepe)

Warp threads are mixed wool as well as cotton.
Specially useful where compression along with warmth is required.



SD 117 - Elastic Adhesive Bandage B. P.

Adhesive covered with special PVC liner to help easy unrolling.
Contains 20% Zinc Oxide which acts as a mild antiseptic & astringent & anti-inflammatory.
Available in all standard widths and lengths.

SD 119 - Paraffin Tulle Dressing B. P.

It is gamma sterile for total safety.
It is available in 10 cm x 10 cm from 10 to 24 pieces per container. Also available in 10 cm x 20 cm and   10 cm x 7 m etc. sizes.

SD 121 - Fura Tulle (Nitrofurazone Tulle Gauze Dressing)

The sterilized tulle gauze is impregnated in water soluble ointment base Containing Nitrofurazone 0.2%   w/w, which helps quick healing.
Nitrofurazone is active in the presence of pus and debris in water soluble base. It is available in 10 cm x   10 cm. x 10 pcs. per container.

SD 123 - Povi-Tulle (Povidone Iodine Tulle Dressing)

It has the water soluble base having 10% Povidone Iodine, which makes   the preparation most effective   remedy in skin infections.

SD 125 - Wound-Aid (Adhesive Medicated First Aid Dressing)

Small medicated Adhesive strips of 19 mm x 72 mm.
Natural cotton cloth reduces skin allergy, allows skin breathing and still helps easy healing.

SD 127 - Adhesive First-Aid Dressing (Match-Aid Color bonanza)

The anti-bacterial used is Benzyl Konium Chloride which is least allergic but very effective.
Made of Natural Cotton.

SD 130 - Capsicum Plaster

It contains capsicum, the renowned rubificient & counter irritant.
SD 132 - Belladona Plaster B.P.C.

It contains alkaloids of Belladona along with Zinc Oxide, natural rubber etc. which are best antiphlogistic   and anti-inflammatory.
Presentation - available in strips of 6 cm x 9 cm. and 12 cm x 18 cm.



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