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PP 101 - Plastic Containers

HDPE containers from 100 ml. to 2500 ml. in various shapes as per your specifications.

PP 103 - Measuring Cups


PP 105 - Eye Droppers

PP 108 - Glass Bottles

Glass bottles in White / Amber having capacities ranging from 30 ml. to 2500 ml. in different shapes as   per your requirement.

PP 112 - PP Caps

Aluminium Pilfer Proof caps With EPE liners / PVC Cork liners / Plastic Plugs.
Size 22mm to 38 mm.
Plain / Printed as per your specifications.

PP 115 - Lug Caps

Sizes available from 53 mm to 83 mm.

PP 116 - Ampoules / Vials  

PP 118 - Aluminium Seals - Flip Off seals.  

PP 120 - Rubber Stopper  

PP 123 - Aluminium Foil

Foil rolling gauges : 0.2 mm to 0.007 mm.
Foil temper : Soft, half hard, hard.
Paper laminates : Lamination with 30 gsm, 40 gsm, 50 gsm,60 gsm, 250 gsm glassine paper, black paper kraft paper.
Polyethylene laminates : 0.04 mm treated LDPE with 0.012 mm   to 0.04 mm Alu Foil.
HSL coating : 2 gsm to 8 gsm.
Wax coating : 10 gsm to 40 gsm.
Printing : Upto 6 colour gravure printing.
Film lamination : Cellophone film, polyester film polypropylene film.

PP 125 - Glassin Poly Paper

40/42 gsm paper laminated to 150 guage poly.
Printing upto 6 colours as per your specifications.

PP 128 - Wax Coated Paper  

PP 130 - Heat Sealing BOPP  

PP 132 - Aluminium Collapsible Tubes

Aluminium collapsible tubes in all lengths & diameters ranging from 10mm to 57mm.
Conical tubes also available.

PP 134 - Aerosol Cans

Aluminium Aerosol cans in all sizes available.

PP 136 - Printed Duplex board carton

Printed cartons can be supplied on Duplex Grey back / White back / Chromo Board in 4/ 6 colours with   lamination/ foiling as per your

PP 138 - Printed Labels / Stickers

Sticker labels in Roll/Sheet form made of Chromo Art paper, Mirror Coat or PVC film, in multi colour   printing with Lamination/Varnish and/or Foil   Stamping can be supplied to suit   your specific requirements.

PP 140 - Shrink Film - PVC / LDPE

Thickness [micron] 12, 15, 19, 25
Roll Length Centre Fold / Single fold from 800 to 2500 m
Core diameter 76 mm.


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