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MK 101- Case, Aluminium, for Midwife Kit

Approx. 305 x 216 x150 mm ( 12" x 8-1/2" x 6" ) with removable tight fitting lid, collapsible carrying handle   on cover, and one sturdy spring loaded clamp at each small end as a locking device.
All corners fully rounded and all edges smooth finished.

MK 102 - Kerosene Pressure Stoves

Single burner stove with steel frame & brass tank.


MK 103 - Baby Weighing Scale

Hanging Spring Scale with trousers to hold baby.
Up to 5 kg x 100 gm.

MK 104 - Bed Pans - Stainless Steel

The following two types of Bed pans are available :-
Perfection type with or without cover (Lid).
Slipper type with cover (Lid).

MK 105 - Diagnostic Kit

Diagnostic Set has OTO - Ophthalmoscope set in metal case consisting of :
Otoscope with 5 ear specula.
Ophthalmoscope with sliding focusing device.
Bright, clear picture of fundus due to lenses - 40 to -25
Optional illumination by five different apertures.
Battery handle and metal case.
Above set can be supplied as per your specifications.

MK 106 - Dilation & Curation Set

Dilation and Curation set consisting of :-
Bowl, lotion 15 cm diameter.
Kidney dish 20 cm s/s.
Forceps dissecting, serrated jaws 250 mm s/s.
Forceps towel approx. 100 mm s/s.
Forceps sponge - holding, rampley or foester 200 mm s/s.
Catheter, female, oval 165 mm s/s.
Curette, Uterine bl/sh 240 mm s/s.
Curette Rheinstad, Uterine flush.
Dilator, lervix, hagar d/ended 3 -18 mm s/s.
Forceps, Ovum, green haigh 240 mm stainless steel.
Forceps, Uterine Vulsel Teales 3x4 teeth curved s/s.
Forceps, Uterine Vulsellum Downs 241 mm : s/s.
Forceps, Uterine dressing, Bozeman 270 mm s/s.
Speculum, Vaginal, scmm's medium s/s.
Sound, Uterine. Horrock's graduated 305 mm s/s.
Sets can be made available as per your specifications.


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