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MS 101 - Rib Belt

A universal rib belt made of fine elastic.
Anatomically contoured.
Washable in cold water with mild detergent.
Size: 28" to 46".

MS 102 - Foot/Skin Traction Kit

Foot/Skin Traction Kit is used as a below knee traction.
The skin traction strips provide maximum aeration to the skin while securely attaching its centre extremity    to the spreader.
Size: Standard.
Available - Complete kit with H - SQ. Traction Pulley, Foam Padding, Spreader, Cord, Crepe Bandage   and optional Water/Sand weight bag.


MS 103 - Cervical Aids


Designed to provide comfortable immobilization.
Support laminated with soft cotton knit fabrics.
Air vents to prevent irritation and to allow air flow.
Size: Small, Medium & Large.


Other specification same as above.


Cervical collar fitted with high powered magnets.
Provides rigid & magnetic support for spondylosis.
Covered with Cotton knit fabric for comfort and vents to allow airflow and prevent irritation.
Size - Small/Medium/Large.


Resilient foam gives gentle support.
Covered with soft cotton knit fabric for comfort and to prevent irritation.
Size - Small/Medium/Large.


Designed to immobilize the head and restrict movement of the Cervical Vertebrae.
Covered with soft cotton knit fabric for comfort.
Size - Small/Medium/Large.


Contoured Cervical Pillow for patients suffering from Cervical Spondylosis, Cervical Spine, low back pain   & Cardiac patients.
Options - Covered with Vinyl / Transo fabric

MS 104 - Sacro Lumbar Belt

Made of tempered steel strips which immobilizes the Lumbar & Sacral regions effectively.
Elasticity adds extra pressure & supports the Sacral & Lumbar regions.
Sizes : From 28" to 46"

MS 105 - Ankle Traction Belt

Designed primarily to support traction to the lower spine, ankle and lower leg.
Made from durable cotton fabric with canvas reinforcement for comfort.
Double lock fastening for convenience and firm restraint.
  Available - Complete kit with H- S. Traction Pulley, Ankle Traction Belt, Cord and optional Water/Sand   weight bag.

MS 106 - Headache Band

Made from Durable elastic.
Provides comfortable uniform pressure to the forehead.

MS 107 - Abdominal Belt

Fully Elastic abdominal belt is ideally suited for patients. Who require abdominal support after Surgery.
Range :-
Abdominal Belt size - 5", 6" & 8".
Gyneac Universal Binder.
8"/10" Lower Abdominal belt with or without under strap.
Inguinal Hernia Belt.

MS 108 - Ankle Binder

Sturdy durable elastic (Towel) with Velcro enclosures applied as a figure 8 shaped bandage around the   ankle.
For Ankle sprains, Strain, Post Fracture, foot drop.
Size - Small, Medium, Large.

MS 109 - Cervical Traction Collar

Foam padded chin and occipital pad for comfort.
Connected with Nylon rope thread and spreader bar for giving correct degree of traction in the Cervical   Region.

Range :-
Cervical Traction Sleeping.
Cervical Traction Sitting Position.
Over Door or Wall Mounted
Cervical Traction Spreader Bar.
Overdoor Traction Pulley.
Cervical Traction Head Holder.
MS 110 - Shoulder Immobilizer

Fits right or left arm.
Made from durable cotton fabric and nylon straps.
Straps fit over shoulders, cross at the back and knot around the waist for even weight distribution and   maximum patient comfort.
Arm restrain band fits around patient's back and is fastened in front with Velcro to the hand support   position of the sling. Size - Small, Medium & Large.

MS 111 - Arm Sling (Pouch)

Adjustable sling with a protective pouch to replace the conventional sling.
Made out of durable Cotton fabric and Nylon straps, Velcro rejoinders allow quick and easy adjustment of   the arm.
Size: Small, Medium & Large.

MS 112 - Clavicle Brace

Special soft breathing material covered with Cotton knit.
Triangular pattern for 2 way adjustment at back.
Straps are secured with metal fasteners.
Size - Small, Medium & Large.

MS 113 - Elastic Tubular Knee Caps

Made from soft yarns for comfort and prolonged use.
Made from heat resistant rubber.
Size - Small, Medium, Large.
Available in 8-1/2" and 11" Length.

MS 114 - Anklets

Special Knit and Elastic material will cling comfortably to the ankle.
Fabric made of Cotton mixed with Nylon for comfortable prolonged wear and durability.
Seamless, with open toe and open heel.
Size: Small, Medium & Large.

MS 115 - Elastic Knee Support

It gives loose / tight support.
Available in Medium/Large size.

MS 116 - Wrist Brace

Protects both Wrist & upper bone.
One size fits all.

MS 117 - Tourniquet

Use either for drawing blood or for intravenous injection.

MS 118 - Pelvic Traction Belt

Foam padded.
Washable in cold water with mild detergent.
Sizes : 28", 30", 32", 34", 36", 38", 40", 42", 44", 46".


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