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LE 100 Variable Micro Pipette.

Digital Precision in Micro Pipetting.
S.S. 316 Non Fragile Components
Everlasting Reproducibility.
Broad Range Variability.
Perfect Volume Locking System.

Range of Volumes Available :

Micro Pipette Variable Volume PL - 0.5-10
ml, 2-20 ml, 10-100 ml, 20-200 ml, 100-1000 ml
LE 101 - Haemoglobinometer
Plastic housing.
Two comparison standard of Non Fading Colour glass & measuring tube with double scale.
0.02 mm capacity pipette, stirring rod, bottle & brush.

LE 102 - Blood Cell Counter ( Differential Counter)

Manual counter with push button operation.
8 counting units and one totalizer and dual reset knob.
Counting units - Range 0 to 999

Manual Centrifuge
LE 103 - Manual Centrifuge

Hand driven.
Capacity 4 buckets, for 15 ml., test tubes swing out head.
Polymide buckets to house test tubes.
Screw clamp for fixing on table.

LE 104 - Medico Centrifuge

Medico Centrifuge
MODEL Y 415 Y 615
Max. Speed RPM 3700 3500
Max. RCF g. 1950 1900
Max. Tube size ml. 15 15
Max. Cap. Ml. 60 90
W x D x H mm 310x310x290 310x310x290
Weight kg. 6.5 6.5
Connected Load KVA 0.13 0.13

LE 105 - Clinical Centrifuge

Clinical Centrifuge
MODEL Y415 A Y615 A Y815 A
Max. Speed RPM 4500 4500 4500
Max. RCF g. 2050 2050 2050
Max. Tube size ml. 15 15 15
Max. Cap. Ml. 60 90 120
W x D x H mm 210x235x230 210x235x230 210x235x230
Weight kg. 6.00 6.00 6.00
Connected Load KVA 0.11 0.11 0.13

LE 106 - Pathological Centrifuge
Pathological Centrifuge
MODEL Y245 Y605 Y725
Max. Speed RPM 4000 4000 4000
Max. RCF g. 1650 2150 2150
Max. Tube size ml. 5 5 5
Max. Cap. Ml. 120 300 360
W X D X H mm 210x235x255 300x300x250 300x300x250
Weight kg. 6.00 10 10
Connected Load KVA 0.13 0.22 0.22

LE 107 - Vortex Mixer
Vortex Mixer
For stirring and mixing of liquids of test tubes and other small vessels.
Variable speed.
Capacity 25mm diameter vessel.
Operation via Automatic press/start.240V, 50Hz.


LE 108 - Refrigerator Household

Frost free.
Capacity 185 - 265 litres.
Humidity control cuts down moisture formation.
Clean back & sleek top.
Electrically operated.

LE 109 - Cold Boxes
Cold Boxes
Isotherm boxes.
Capacity approx. 32 litres.
For use with dry ice or dry ice solvents.
Double walled tank, with cover and space, which is filled with 25mm    insulation foam for optimum   insulation.
Complete with carry handles and castor wheels.

LE 110 - Freezers, - 85 degree C Ultra Low Temperature
Freezers, - 85 degree C Ultra Low Temperature
Designed specifically for materials and reagents which require    temperatures of -20 degree C to 85 degree C.
Digital temperatures display, keyed on/off power switch, thermostat and    automatic defroster.
Capacity - approx. 700 litres, upright model.
Stainless steel interior.
Audio alarm system for high temperature and power failure.
240V, 50HzAC.

LE 111 - Blood Storage Refrigerator
Blood Storage Refrigerator
Precise temperature control.
Fan assisted air circulation.
Triple glazed, self closing lockable door.
Foamed in place polyurethane insulation.
Electronically controlled temperature of -10C to + 35C with display.
Capacity 700 litres.
Fitted with castors to aid installation.
Tropicalised automatic defrosting, air cooling, recirculation and audible alarm system for power failure.

LE 112 - Walk-In -Cooler / Freezer
Walk-In -Cooler / Freezer
For commercial and industrial purposes.
Storage made simple.
Temperature range 0 C to 15C.
Low power consumption.
Size: from 1.969 to 6.087m3.

LE 113 - Incubator
Double walled MS construction with glass wool insulation.
Inside painted in silver outside spray painted.
An additional seethrough door for observation.
Temperature - Ambient plus 5 C to 60 C.
Thermostat for +0.5 C sensitivity.
Supplied with Thermometer.
Various models available from 2/3 trays.

LE 114 - Vaccum Oven
Vaccum Oven
Construction - Inner chamber made of stainless steel with mirror polish    finish.
Outer chamber of CRCA sheets, insulation glass wool and / or water    jacket.0 to 30 or 0 mm to 760 mm. Vacuum gauge provided.
An adjustable thermostat with a calibrated dial.

LE 115 - Universal / General Water Bath
Universal / General Water Bath
Universal Water bath made from single wall of stainless steel, to meet all   requirements of Pathological, Microbiological, Chemical, Physical and   other laboratories.
Temperature range from 5C above ambient to 95C, accuracy + 1C
  upto temp. of 60C and + 2C at higher temperatures.
Available in two sizes 30 x 22.5 x 17.5 cm & 45x 30 x 17.5 cm Large   Aluminium Chest piece. Smooth Mirror Finish.

LE 116 - Serological Water Bath
Serological Water Bath
Double walled serological bath with both walls made from stainless steel.
Insulation provided by glass wool between the walls.
Thermostatically controlled temperature 5 C above ambient to 60 C with
  an accuracy of +0.5C.
Kahn racks to hold 40 tubes are available as accessories.
Available in 2 sizes Working space A. 1.25 x 12.5 x 12.5 cm and
  B. 2.37.5 x 25 x 25 cm.

LE 117- Digital Ph meter
Digital Ph meter
Manual or Automatic Temperature Compensation (MTC/ATC)
  Compensate manually on front panel knob which is marked from 1C to
For automatic temperature compensation, simply plug in platinum
  attached mode
Range: 0.00 to 14.00pH. 0 to + 1999mv.
Accuracy = 0.01pH/+1.0mv Slope control- 80% to 120% at 25C.
Standard Control: Continuously adjustable throughout full range.
Drift: Less than 0.01pH/8 hrs.
Operating temperature: 15C to 35C.
Display: 31/2 digit Red LED 1/2" ht.
Power Source: 230v. AC 50 Hz.

Water StillLE 118 - Water Still

Unique space saving design - fully stainless steel.
Table top or wall mounted.
Boiling chamber is fitted with a overflow device.
Easy accessibility of boiling chamber and condenser for daily cleaning.
Supplied with input water, flow rate meter for maximizing efficiency.
Fitted with a single kettle heater with low water level cut off device.

LE 119 - Water Purifier

Body made of stainless steel.
Flow rate - 120 litres / Hr.
Both pre and post cooler installation possible.
Easy replacement of candle / carbon lamp.

LE 120 - VDRL Rotator / Shaker

Sturdy MS body spray finished.
Platform moves on nylon gliders for noiseless and smooth movement.
Gear driven motor [belt less ] for durability.
Circular motion of approximately 25 mm at a speed of about 180 RPM.
Timer 0 to 15 minutes.

LE 121 - Laboratory Shaker - Reciprocal

A stainless steel tray, supported by a mild steel spray finished body.
A continuously rated, self cooling geared (belt less) motor is used.
The platform rocks to and fro at a speed of approx. 60 oscillations per minute.
Eminently suitable for any application where gentle rocking motion is required.

LE 122 - Laboratory Stirrers & High Speed Emulsifier


YU 100

YU 101

YU 104

LS 109

LS 110

Type of Motor AC shaded pole AC/DC Universal AC/DC Universal AC/DC Universal AC/DC Universal
Horse Power 1/4 1/20 1/8 1/8
1 / 4
1 / 2
3 / 4
1 / 2
1 / 8
Electric Supply 230 v 50 Hz V 230 v 50 Hz V 230 v 50 Hz V 230 v 50 Hz V 230 v 50 Hz V
Maximum speed 1350 RPM 4000 RPM 14000 RPM 5000 RPM
5000 RPM
6000 RPM7000 RPM
165 RPM
165 RPM
200 RPM
Capacity (depending on viscosity) 2 – 3 ltrs. 6 – 8 ltrs. 3 / 4 lts. 6 – 10 ltrs
15 – 20 ltrs
25 – 35 ltrs
35 – 50 ltrs
3 – 5 kg
5 – 8 kg
8 – 12 kg
Stirring shaft diameter 6 mm 6 mm 15 mm 9.5 mm, 12 mm
12 mm, 12 mm.
9.5 mm
Stirring shaft
250 mm 250 mm 160 mm 225 mm
500 mm
250 mm
350 mm
350 mm
Propeller sweep & type 38 mm 3 bladed 38 mm 3 bladed 20 mm 3 bladed 38 mm, 65 mm
65 mm, 75 mm
90 mm turbine type
Stainless steel for shaft & propeller AISI 304 AISI 304 AISI 304 AISI 304 AISI 304
Shaft & motor coupling Bush coupling Bush coupling Direct Bush coupling Self centering chuck/Bush coupling
Height of retort stand 600 mm 600 mm 350 mm 750mm,
1200 mm,
1200 mm,
1200 mm
750 mm
Choice of speed control Single fixed speed A-Mount on electronic
B-Remote control autovariac.
3 speed switch Remote control autovariac. A-Mount on electronic
B-Remote control auto variac.


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