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HF 324 - Trauma Care Emergency & Recovery Trolley

Hi -Lo, Raising Backrest, Two Way Longitudinal Tilt
Overall approx. Size 215 cm L x 71cm W x
Two section top.
Height adjustable by foot operated hydraulic pump from 66 to 91 cms.
X -ray permeable removable stretcher
Backrest adjustable on ratchet
Gas spring assisted Trendelenburg / Reverse Trendelenburg positions.
Swivel castors, one with directional lock, two with total lock. With corner buffers, sliding X -ray cassette,   accessories tray, oxygen cylinder holder, telescopic IV rods & swing away side rails.

HF 315 - Traumacare Crash Cart
Traumacare Crash Cart
Overall approx. Size Approx. 94 cm L x 490cm W x 153 cm H.
SS tubular frame.
Six coloured removable bins & two polysterene lockable storage   units
  with three drawers each.
Four swivel castors, two with brakes & corner buffers.
Oxygen cylinder holder, electric lamp with clamp, cardiac massage
  board, SS IV rod & SS shelves.


HF 317 - Stretcher Trolley

Overall approx. size 203cm L x 56cm W x 82cm H.
MS tubular framework mounted on four swivel castors.
Removable stretcher made of aluminium sheet supported on tubular   frame.
Option - Painted / Powder coated.

HF 318 - Stretcher Trolley With Tiltable Top

Overall approx. size 203cm L x 56cm W x 82cm H.
MS tubular framework mounted on four swivel castors.
Dished stretcher top hinged at one end with trolley frame, other end   can be raised on ratchet.
Gas cylinder cage & detachable frame.
One IV rod with two location.
Option - Painted / Powder coated.

HF 319 - Patient Stretcher (Army type)
Patient Stretcher (Army type)
Folding canvas litter.
Rugged canvas top, supported on spreader metal feet.
Tube with hard handles at each end, complete with two restraint straps.
HF 321 - Transfer Trolley System
Transfer Trolley System
The system consists of two undercarriages and one stretcher.
Dimensions : Overall size of one stretcher on trolley 187 cm L x 57 cm W x   90 cm H .
Frame work made of steel tubes mounted on swivel castor wheels.
The two undercarriages can be interlocked lengthwise and the   stretcher
  rolled over from one carriage to another on rubberrollers.
Stretcher can be raised at one end on ratchet.
Two saline locations in each unit. One saline rod supplied with the system.
Gas cylinder provision in one undercarriage.


Invalid Wheel Chair RigidHF 322 - Invalid Wheel Chair Rigid

Size - 69 W x 110 D x 94 H cms.
Steel tubular framework fitted with cane seat and back.
Adjustable foot rests.
Solid rubber tyre wheels fitted with self propelling hoops and brake   arrangement.
Swivel castors in the front.
Options - Leather cushion seat & back. Painted / Powder coated.
HF 323 - Folding Wheel Chair

All specification are same as above but folding with folding arrangement.

 Instrument TrolleyHF 335 - Instrument Trolley

Dimensions approx : 68 cm L x 45 cm W x 90 cm H.
Shelf and frame construction in stainless steel.
Two SS shelves with guard rail on three sides.
Mounted on swivel castors.
Option - With SS bowl & tray on revolving brackets.
Dressing TrolleyHF 337 - Dressing Trolley

Overall approx. size : 101cm L x 51cm W x 90 H cms.
Tubular framework mounted on four swivel castor wheels.
Two stainless steel shelves with SS rail on all four sides
Option - with SS bowl and bucket.

HF 339 - Food Trolley

Overall approx. size : 91 L x 51 W x 91 H cms.
MS tubular frame work mounted on four swivel castors.
Three removable aluminium trays.
Option - Painted / Powder coated. SS Trays.

HF 341 - Cylinder Trolley - Push Type

Suitable for 1320 litres (40 cft.) Size cylinder.
MS tubular framework fitted with two wheels.
Option - Painted / Powder coated.
Cylinder Trolley - Pull Type also available.
HF 344 - Soiled Linen Trolley

Size  :  91 cm H x 51 cm dia.
MS tubular frame work fitted with three swivel castors.
Supplied with removable canvas bag.


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