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HL101 - Bedsheets

[A] Polyester
Polyester 67% + Cotton 33% - Plain / Printed. Colours available are White, Blue etc. Also various sizes available.
[B] Cotton
Cotton 100 % - Plain / Printed. Colours & size as per your specifications available.
Soiled Linen Trolley Bag
HL102 - Soiled Linen Trolley Bags

Colours available.
Size as per your specifications.
HL 103 - Pillow Cover

Cotton Pillow covers.
Plain/ Printed.
Size as per your specifications.

HL 104 - Draw sheets

Unbleached Cotton Sheets.
Width as per your specifications.
In Rolls or cut sheets as required.

HL 105 - Towels & Towelling

[A] Terry Towels White / Coloured Plain / Printed.Towels and Towelling
 Cotton 100% / Polyester.
 Size cut to your specifications or in Rolls.
 Grammage as per your specifications.
[B] Huckaback Towels 100 % Cotton.
 Printed / Plain.
 In Rolls or cut size as per your specifications.

Gowns - Surgeon / Nurse UniformsHL 106 - Gowns - Surgeon / Nurse Uniforms

Cotton 100 %.
Gowns for Operation Theatres.
Wrap around / Back tie / Back open.
Slip over suits / Front open shirts.
Mouth masks.

Gowns - PatientsHL107 - Gowns - Patients Gowns - Patients

Patient robes 100 % cotton.
Wrap around.
Pyjama & Shirt suits.
Three Armhole Examination gown.
ICU Patient Gowns.
Wraps & gowns for infants as per your specifications.

HL 108 - Screen Curtains

Ward screen curtains as per your specifications.

HL109 - Laboratory Coats

Cotton/Polyester fabrics.
Designs & size as per your specifications.


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