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DI 101 - Clinical Thermometers (Clinical / Rectal)
Dual scale- mercury- degree Centigrade and Fahrenheit.


DI 102 Mercury Sphygmomanometers
Portable : Mercury Sphygmomanometers - PortableBox & Lid of aluminium alloy. Rubber bag & bulb of latex rubber.
Cuff of cloth & extra wide Velcro for firm grip.
Table Model : Mercury Sphygmomanometers -  Table ModelWith Rubber vacuum Pad (DART) at the bottom for firm Grip on   table.
Extra long coiled tube.
Wall Model : Mercury Sphygmomanometers - Wall ModelExtra long coiled rubber tube.
Stand Model : Mercury Sphygmomanometers - Stand ModelCuff with extra wide velcro for firm grip.
Height of pillar of stand to suit Anaesthetics.
Apparatus mounted on stand fitted with castors.
Aneroid : Mercury Sphygmomanometers - AneroidDial casing with hard epoxy powder coating.
3 Colour dial for easy viewing cuff with extra wideVelcro for firm grip.
Option :- Twin set (With Stethoscope)


DI 105 Model
Brass chest piece with chrome finish.
Dual chest piece with soft PVC tubing & concealed spring.

DI 106 Model - Stethoscope.
Bowls type chest piece with diaphragm, binaural metal parts chrome
  plated with ear tips, Y-shaped vinyl tubing.

DI 107 Model - Regular
Dual headed, Light weight Aluminium Chest piece, External non chill Ring.

DI 108 Model - Microfon
Durable Aluminium dual headed chestpiece, anodised, external rubber
  non chill ring.

DI 109 Model - Newtone
 Grey/Black painted dual headed chestpiece external rubber non chill ring.

DI 110 Model - Cardiology
Double sided chestpiece with diaphragm on both sides good sound transmission, Suitable for both Adult   & Paediatric use.

DI 111 Model - Brass.
Brass Chrome plated dual headed chestpiece and frame.

DI 112 Model - Pediatric.
Brass Chrome plated small size dual headed chest piece.

DI 113 Model - Nursescope
Single sided Anodised Aluminium chestpiece.

DI 114 Model - Nursescope
Description : Single sided, Brass Chest piece

DI 115 Model
Pinard Foetal, Aluminium Anodised .

DI 116 Model
Pinard Foetal, Plastic.

DI 117 Model
Large Aluminium Chest piece. Smooth Mirror Finish.

DI 118 Model
Large Aluminium Chest piece. Grained Finish.


DI 119 - Hammers

Percussion hammer Taylor model.
Triangular rubber insert in brass
Nickel plated handle with pin and brush.
Neurological Hammer, double ended with reflex point and brush, T shape.


DI 120 - Queen Square Pattern Hammer

Plastic Flexible Handle with
Round Rubber Head and Reflex point.

DI 121 Tuning Forks

Nickel plated / blued steel.
Plain or screwed shanks.
Frequency marked.

DI 122 - Laryngoscopes

With Interchangeable Stainless Steel blades.
All the components of Laryngoscopes are given below. You may choose and create your own Set.
Stainless Steel blades, in Shiny & Matt finish;
Mackintosh blade Size - 0,1,2,3,4 & 5.
Available in Hook-on or Hinge-Pin fitting.
Miller blade Size 0, 1, 2, & 3.
Available in Hook-on fitting only.
Wisconsin blade Size 0,1,2,3 & 4.
Available with Hook-on fitting only.
Seward Blade Size 1 & 2.
Available with Hook-on fitting only.
Robertshaw blade size 00, 0, 1.
It has a straight tongue with a gentle curve near the tip.
Standard & Penlite Handles in Brass, Chrome plated available in Hook-on or Hinge-Pin fitting.


DI 123 - Portable ECG MachinePortable ECG Machine

Power Supply: Mains and internal battery with autonomy of 70 ECG recordings (auto switch - off).

High resolution thermal head, height of useful print area - 108mm.

Thermosensitive Chart paper: DOT-Card 130 mm in 25m rolls (more than 80 tracing with 6 channel format)

Paper speed: 5mm/s(+10% ) 25 and 50 mm/s(+5%)

Sensitivity: 5-10-20 mm/mV(+5%)and auto Frequency response, a/d conversion, Sampling rate.
0.05.150Hz(-3dB) without filter, 12bits;1000sampl./s/ch in print mode; 500sample/s/ sampling rate, calculation mode.

Time constant>3.2s

Lead Simultaneous acquisition of the 12 standard leads.

Printout: Six or three lead option; programmable number of Pages; possibility to copy the 12 automatically recorded leads.

Print report contains: 12 leads; sufficient space for patient data name, date of birth, height, weight, blood pressure; paper speed; recording sensitivity ; description of the inserted filters; operating mode selected; quantitative analysis report(representative cycles with markers, calculated parameters, patient data field, user's name, recording parameters)

Safety: Class 1, type CF, according to the Medical Device directives 93/42/CEE and directives.
EN 60601 -I,EN 60601-1-2,IEC 601-2-25,
IEC 62D-WG1(263)WD

Filters: Digital to reduce muscular tremors, to eliminate mains interference and to stabilize the baseline without tracing distortion.

Signal Memory pacemaker recognition: 10 seconds of the 12 leads (Isochronous mode) recognises the impulse while limiting the printing amplitude according to IEC regulation.

Defrillibation protection: Internal at the apparatus according to the present requirements.

Autotest standard accessories: Autotest system and operation check patient cable, 10AgCI electrodes, chart paper, gel, user's manual.

Dimensions and weight: 24.5 x 25 x 6.5 cm - 2.57Kg (with battery).

DI 124 - Portable Patient Monitor
Portable Patient Monitor
1 channel ECG monitor.
Data displayed on 6" screen.
Sweep velocity selectable to 25 or 50 mm/sec.
Complete with cable and 3 pin plug.
Power source 240V, 50 AC. C/w mobile trolley


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