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DE 101 - Dental Chair Unit

Dimensions - maximum length in reclining position 210 cm.
Minimum length - reclining position 190 cm width. 65 cm external dimensions of base 50 x 92 cm.
Seat height 43cm minimum and 87cm maximum.
Main frame of epoxy coated rectangular.
Sections - Headrest, backrest, armrest, seat and leg support all in plastic covered 50mm polyurethane.
Movements - headrest, can be tilted forward or backward and adjustable straight out and locked so that   they function as support when patients are sitting.
Control - All manual with hydraulic jack foot - control operation.


DE 105 - Dental Chair
Dental Chair
Manual Pantograph Hydraulic chair.
Without accessories.


DE 108 - Dental Stool
Dental Stool
Ergonomically shaped.
Padded seat and back with pneumatic vertical height adjustment.
Smooth and balanced horizontal movement on five widely spaced castors.



DE 111 - Dental Trolley
Dental Trolley
Instrument console with Air Rotor, Micro motor, three way syringe & Ultra
  sonic scaler.
Stainless Steel instrument tray.
Mounted on mobile unit.



DE 114 - Compressor
1 HP standard compressor with automatic pressure switch, air filter, regular    & moisture absorbing element.



DE 116 - Floor Mounted Unit
Floor Mounted Unit
Instrument console with Air Rotor, Micro motor, three way syringe & Ultra
  sonic scaler.
Stainless Steel instrument tray.
Spittoon assembly.
Dental adjustable operating light.




Tongue Spatula.
Tongue Forceps Collin / Guys.
Mouth Gag Doyen / Fergusan.
Tooth Forceps Universal.
Dental Elevator Universal.
Gum Scissors.
Dental Tweezers.
Water Syringe.
All Metal Dental Syringe.
Amalgam Carrier.
Cartrige Syringe.
Dental Mirror Handle Stainless Steel.
Dental Mirrors.
Diamond Burrs.


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