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D] Sesame Seeds Packing:

The machine is designed for filling sesame seed in Bags in the range of 25 to 50 kg.

Bags of Jute /PP/ Multi wall paper bags can be used.


to give a 99.99% pure product.

This is used for the best sweets and confectionary products.
  • The Bucket Elevator conveys the cleaned seeds to the hopper of Bag Filling Machine which in turn sends the seeds using pneumatically controlled gates to the weighing pan.

  • As the weighing cycle starts, the coarse and fine gates open to feed the product in the weighing pan. The coarse gate will shut down as soon as coarse cut off value is achieved and on the other hand, the fine gate remains open till the targeted weight achieved. The weighed Sesame seeds are delivered into the bag and next cycle of weighing starts.

  • As soon as the bag is loaded on an oval ring and is clamped using a Push button, the weigh pan opens the discharge gates to deliver the Sesame seeds into the bag.
  • The bag gets filled with the set weight ,thereafter the bag is sealed with the help of single needle- two threads/double needle- four threads sewing machine with 4 meter belt/slat Conveyorised Sewing System.

  • There is an option of separate attachment for stitching machine that can be fitted with auto start/stop using photoelectric sensor control, pneumatic thread cutter. In this case double action foot switch is eliminated due to auto start/stop.



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