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AP101- Anaesthesia Machine
Anaesthesia Machine
Construction : Tubular, rigid, electrostatically powder coated with stainless steel table top.
Mobility : Four large diameter anti-static castor.
Cylinder Yokes : Gas specific yokes with sliding clamping bars for easy handling.Two each for Oxygen and nitrous oxide (5ltr water capacity) cylinders.(Cylinders to separately)convenient
Pressure gauges : Large diameter(63mm)- two each for Oxygen and nitrous oxide, fitted at convenient angle for high visibility and clarity.
Regulators : Each for Oxygen and nitrous oxide.Nitrous oxide regulators are activated only when oxygen regulators are pressurised, to minimise the risk of administering 100% nitrous oxide.
Vaporizers : Halothane vaporizer Gold type & Plenum type vaporizer for Ether. Space for one or more vaporizers of choice.
Special features : Rotameters - To eliminate leakage.
Oxygen failure warning device.
Non return cum pressure relief valve.
Breathing attachment.
Accessories : Standard Magill’s circuit.
Bain circuit.
Jackson Rees Paediatric circuit.
Neonatal Circuit.
Space for ventilators (ventilator at extra cost)

AP102 - Resuscitator Infant
Resuscitator Infant

Silicone self inflating bag of 240 ml. Volume.
Type ‘L’ non rebreathing valve.
Circular face mask.
1.5 mtr oxygen tubing and reservoir hose with adaptor.
Tongue puller, guedel, airways, mouth opener & refillable steel Oxygen    bottle.
Hand operated.

AP103 - Resuscitator Child

Silicone self inflating bag of 500 ml. Volume.
All other specifications are same as per AP102

AP104 - Resuscitator Adult
Resuscitator Adult
Silicone self inflating bag of 1600 ml. Volume.
All other specifications are same as per AP102
: Also available in rubber.

AP - 105 Silicon Face Mask

Neonate Mask.
Infant Mask.
Child Mask.
Medium Mask.
Large Adult Mask.

Oxygen Therapy KitAP106 - Oxygen Therapy Kit

Ward type cylinder 02.
F.A. Valve with gauge & Flow meter.
Key combination
Nasal canula.
Electrically operated concentrator.


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