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1] Very less water requirement - 200 liters of Water is required per 1000 kg Hulled seed

2] Hygienic Process

3] Husk is collected which can be used for animal feed.

4] No water treatment plant is required

5] No chemical is used in hulling - 100% chemical free

6] Hulled seed retains original nutty taste and enhances the flavour of food items.


1] Hulling percentage is around 97% on best bold white seed depending on seed quality

2] Best and bold white seed will give good results which are always high in cost

3] Color sorting will give rejection of 3 to 5%, due to un-hulled seed contamination

4] Hulled seed quality will be less whitish to wet processed hulled seed

5] We cannot process black / brown seed variety in this process, only white seed variety can be processed.



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